‘A Fuego’ Finalist for Curate Award

I was thrilled to find out the project I sent last December for Fondazione Prada and QMA‘s Curate Award, was shortlisted for the award from more than 500 entries.

A Fuego – Exhibition Idea for Curate Award by Rodrigo Orrantia from Rodrigo Orrantia on Vimeo.

‘A Fuego’ is an idea I took from Latin American street slang. I think the true role of a curator is that of a catalyst. Rather than selecting existing works, I propose to commission exciting collaborative projects between different of the best street artists in Latin America, be them graffiti painters, sculptors (and here we have to think about artists that modify cars and trucks to equip them with speakers, in the tradition of the Jamaican Sound Systems), animators working with video and digital mapping, and also musicians, DJs, VJs(video jockeys), photographers, fashion designers, architects and writers. Featured in the application video are StinkFish, Curiot, Gualicho, The Piztola Collective, Gentuza Collective, Knit Photo, the Huichol Artisans and VJ Suave. Also featured is Italian artist Blu and French-Tunisian Arabic Calligrapher and street artist El Seed.

This is the short intro they published for my project on the Curate site, and a link to some press images:

A Fuego: The title of the exhibition derives from the street slang that started to spread in South America in the 90’s and aims to convey the idea of a boundless sense of brotherhood capable of uniting an entire continent using mass media communication tools.

A Fuego is an itinerant event that hosts multimedia projects, performances and collaborations among various South American street artists (musicians, DJs, photographers, architects, fashion designers and graffiti artists) that use different techniques and styles. A special playlist, created by both Latin American and European musicians, will be played out by a mobile sound-system during the exhibition.” www.tinyurl.com/mf6ys6e

Feel free to give it a look and tell me what you think!