2014 Sir Benjamin Stone: Observations in Brazil, 1893. Exhibition. Photography Archive at the Library of Birmingham and Embassy of Brazil.

2013 Three collaborative projects around Photography and Publication, Unseen Photo Festival, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2013 The Contemporary Photobook, Lucid-ly, London

2012 Essence of Place, Mummery+Schnelle Gallery, London

“This exhibition brings together three artists from different generations working in Colombia and interested in exploring the themes of identity and place through the use of photography.” >more 

2012 Birds of Good Fortune

This project started while traveling around India. In Rajasthani roads, all buses and lorries are painted with bright colours and decorated with birds. According to tradition, they carry the drivers and their cargo safe to their destination.

2011 The Private Universe
Curatorship proposal for Starting Point,
Contemporary Art Society and Leeds Art Gallery
“Of the many themes that run through the history of Art, I find there are two tendencies that although parallel, point to opposite directions.” >more

2011 Familiar Strangers
On occasion of Islington Exhibits, I decided to work with artist and illustrator Monica Naranjo, to produce a set of images that could be installed on public spaces. I saw Monica’s work at the Royal College of Art during 2010, and wanted to work with her on a special commission ever since.

2011 The American Continent (idea)
This is the original idea I presented for FOLi in Lima, Perú. I want to curate a photography show about an expedition through the American continent, using all the available resources on the internet. It is both an expedition of a physical space, and an adventure into the world of social networks and the web 2.0

2011 In Search of Baron Gros
For the last ten years I have developed a keen interest on his life and travels. A relentless adventurer, artist and man of science, he was allegedly the author of the first known photograph of my home country, Colombia.

2010 Trasatlántica | PhotoEspaña
Selected photography curator for Photo España / Trasatlantica online project. (  I wrote a short text entitled Persistencia de la tradición (Persistence of Tradition) about new South American Photography. >Text in Spanish

2010 Stop, start, rewind: Notions of time explored
Curatorial project for the Zabludowicz Collection Curatorial Open.

2009 Aviation Heroes from Historic Archives
Working with Flickr’s Commons Project, I created a gallery with highlights from the world’s public photography archives, featuring pilots and other heroes from the early history of flight. Institutions in the project include The Library of Congress, The Smithsonian, The Nationaal Archief and The National Library of Scotland.

2010 The challenge of re-hanging the V&A Photography Gallery
“The Photography Gallery at the Victoria and Albert Museum is constantly rotating the display of its Collection. This project aims to assess the conditions of the gallery and suggest different strategies to improve the quality of the exhibition and increase visitor attendance.”

1997 – 2008 Games of memory, scale and experience

An account of my first image projects, with an introduction by Ana Franco.


2007 Souvenir: Encounters between Photography and Travel
Head Curator. This exhibition won the prize for curatorial projects, district call in Bogota, Colombia, during the years 2006-2007.

2008 – 2009 Road trips

An important part of my personal work has to do with traveling. I am interested in plotting the different journeys through images, and have done various photographic road trips in different countries.

2009 Rajasthan Road Trip

2008 El Camino:NY-NMX

[más] photoblog  Vida y milagros de Rodrigo Orrantia. Al aire Marzo 2004 – Agosto 2010