Selected Essays / Reviews

2016 Ōtsuchi Future Memories – Alejandro Chaskielberg
Review for Photobookstore Blog “Very few projects I’ve seen lately manage to marry concept and medium in such a startling way. Perhaps it was coincidence, but I think a work so thoroughly calculated like the one of Alejandro Chaskielberg would leave very little to chance. Even from La Creciente –Chaskielberg’s first book-, where he started experimenting with a combination of long exposures and flash lights under the cold light of the moon, one could feel the start of a longer, more ambitious search. But I think it’s here, literally at the other side of the world from his home country Argentina, that the pieces finally begin to fall into place, flawlessly, as if his presence in Japan had been long awaited…” Read more

2015 (In progress) On Latin American Photography: Keys to understand photography as art in Latin America, for REV LAT (Red de Estudios Visuales Latinoamericanos) Spain-USA-Colombia

2015 An Interview with Massimo Vitali – Under The Influence Magazine.
Massimo Vitali has spent the best part of the last twenty years making images of beaches around the world. I interviewed him at his studio in Lucca, Italy, for Under the Influence Magazine, and asked him about the origins of his work, the unending fascination with people and nature, and his particular vision of paradise. Read more

2015 Marcelo Brodsky – Tree Time
Review for Photobookstore: “Last year I was pleasantly surprised to find a growing presence of Latin American photobooks and photobook publishers at the book section of Paris Photo and its neighbour book fair, Offprint. It was about time the European photobook scene got interested in books and artists from Latin America, as it is a great opportunity to engage with such a vast continent and all its complexity and contradictions..” Read more>

2015 On Latin American Photobooks
Review for Photobookstore: “A photograph of the author staring at a tree triggers a flow of images, a chain of interlaced memories. That time when he was exiled away from his natal Argentina. That other time when he climbed really high up a tree with his brother when they were children. And that time when they played dead. In this book, trees are trusted keepers of secrets, stern observers of life. Tree Time invites us to think about a time beyond our grasp, a longer existence where we ourselves will become someone else’s memory.”Read more>

2014 Awoiska van der Molen – Sequester
Review for Photobookstore: “This is perhaps one of the most talked about books of the year, and rightly so. Sequester by Awoiska van der Molen has managed to rank highly in photobook top-lists and compilations; as well as featuring with extensive reviews and praise on newspapers and blogs. This, in my opinion is the reason why.” Read more >

2014 Chris Coekin is Chewing The Cud
“This journey starts with a hitcher at the side of the road. A car stops, there is a first encounter and a conversation ensues on the drive along the motorway. “Why did you pick me up?” the hitcher asks the driver.”
Read more >

2014 Lydia Goldblatt – Still Here
Review for Photobookstore: “The sun shines through the window. It doesn’t fill the room; it looks like it chooses where to set, what to touch. It shines through the flowery curtain and the delicate silk robe. It warms the skin, dazzles the eyes, hits the crystals and exposes the film.

2012 Review: Ori Gersht Artist Book for Photomonitor
Artist Book is Ori Gersht’s first personal project exploring the book as creative medium. It brings together images and texts relating to his latest film projects, Evaders (2009), Will you Dance for Me (2011) and Offering (2011).” Read more> 

2012 Review: Pilgrimage by Annie Leibovitz for Photomonitor
“The latest show by American cult photographer Annie Leibovitz reminds one of the true nature of photography and the alluring aura of some remarkable places and objects.” Read more>

2011 Photography and the Search for Lost Time
Dissertation for the MA Photography: Contemporary and Historical Programme, Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London

2011 Review: Emergent/El Pati de la Llotja 2011
This year I was invited to the portfolio review at Emergent-Lleida Festival, entitled El Pati de La Llotja. I wrote a text from my notes, giving myself some time to review the works that interested me the most.

2011 Hornecker + Vázquez: Inhabited Spaces
Opening text for the exhibition catalogue: Conversations In Light: Tony Horneker + Manuel Vazquez, Santiago de Chile, 2011

2010 The complicit image
New photography from 2010 Graduate Shows

“For the last couple of months I have been reviewing photography graduate shows, taking notes and spotting trends in a quest for exciting work by new photographers soon to be the next big thing. This a tentative list that I’ve written and edited several times, but that I think stands true to the spirit of this new generation.”>more

2010 Fleeting Encounters:
On Manuel Vazquez’s photographic series, Lonely Crowd

2010 You never look at me from the place which I see you
An approach to Jacques Lacan’s concept of The Gaze, through Alfred Hitchcock’s film Psycho

2009 Staring with eyes closed
Diane Arbus, Woman on the street with her eyes closed, NYC, 1956


2010 Persistencia de la tradición: Trasatlántica | PhotoEspaña 2010
Selected as photography curator for Photo España / Trasatlantica online project. (http://www.phedigital.com/trasatlantica/).
I wrote a short text entitled Persistencia de la tradición (Persistence of Tradition) about new South American Photography. >Text in Spanish

2004 Tres estudios sobre fotografìa de viaje
MA History of Art and Architecture dissertation.
National University of Colombia
Open publicationMore about Baron Gros

Texts featured in ICAA Project (MFAH The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston – Universidad de Los Andes, Bogotá):

El Proyecto ICAA – Centro Internacional para las Artes del Continente da acceso gratuito a través de la Red a documentos fundamentales sobre arte colombiano producidos durante el siglo XX.

2003 El método de Simónides Lugar y no lugar, en la obra “En la punta de la lengua” de Rodrigo Facundo.

2003 Conversación con Rodrigo Facundo sobre En la punta de la lengua, instalaciòn presentada para el premio Luis Caballero.